A downloadable zombie

You don't need to install everything (as far as I can tell ) but i highly suggest it as I haven't actually tested the application without the other files and such.

This site also has the source code and the project file so you can feel free to mess around with the code and learn some things from my code. Also some of the things in my code could be scripts but I prefer not using them although I would suggest using them.

Sorry for the fact the game is only for Windows :(

Sorry again for the number of files you have to download but the game takes up less than 1 mb so these files should download in seconds and the files will hopefully all download to the same folder.

But from what i have heard the game is very fun and i am happy for this news :)


Top Down Duty.project.gmx 2 kB
D3DX9_43.dll 1 MB
data.win 90 kB
options.ini 97 bytes
splash.png 41 kB
Top Down Duty.exe 3 MB


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Can you maybe export it as an exe with gamemaker?

This way more people can play it! :)

Possibly and I have tried it but i do not know if that requires GM:S Proffessional. If it does then that would be pretty crappy but i will try to make it an exe. :

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It has been some time (some years actually) since I used Game Maker, but I remember that you could export exe-Files.

If you look at the Gamemaker site, this is available in the free version: http://www.yoyogames.com/get

And here is some more info on how to export it (you probably want to choose "Single runtime executable"): http://docs.yoyogames.com/source/dadiospice/000_us...

I did some tinkering around with gamemaker and finally found a way to export the exe. file. This will also send all the needed materials for the game along with the file and thank you so much for your help :)

Is there a way to make the .exe file the file at the top of the list of files? This will just make it more convenient for people when downloading the game, as it will be at the top and more easily accessible.

Hm, this doesn't quite work for me.

As I understand it, you exported an exe, that is supposed to read in the gamemaker file. This sadly didn't work for me :/

Maybe you can create a setup exe? The other MiniLD entry that is submitted so far was also made in Gamemaker. SuperMC123 included a setup exe and it worked fine.